No. Title Authors
Session 1
(Chair:Byung-Seo Kim)
1 Introduction to Workshop & BK21 Team Presenter: Kim, Byung-Seo
2 A Speed and Cosine Similarity-Based Clustering for QoS Routing Protocol in Distributed Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Yushintia Pramitarini,, Thong-Nhat Tran, Kyusung Shim, Ahmad Wilda Yulianto, and Beongku An
3 Lightweight Deep Learning Model for Road Pothole Detection Hassam Tahir, Jinwook Choi, Eun-Sung Jung
4 Consumer Mobility Management in Named Data Wireless Mobile AdHoc Networks Sana Fayyaz, Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman, Dong-Hak Kim, and Byung-Seo Kim
5 Applied Practice on the Guide Code Generation Based on Model Driven Development for Developing Huge Systems on Distribute Environments Sejun Jung,  So Young Moon, R. Youngchul Kim
6 A Deep Learning Design for Spectral Efficiency Maximization in Multi-IRS-Aided Massive MIMO Systems Ridho Hendra Yoga Perdana, Toan-Van Nguye and Beongku An
Session 2
(Chair: Eun-Sung Jung)
7 Compression of ViT Models Using Heterogeneous Device Jin-Wook Choi, Soo-hyuck Choe, Eun-Sung Jung
8 PVAAS: A Cost-Efficient Computation Offloading Strategy for Information-Centric Vehicular Networks Muhammad Salah Ud Din, Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman, Muhammad Imran,
Sana Fayyaz, and Byung-Seo Kim
9 Integrated Construction with Plug&Play Mechanism Based on Metamodel for Development Process Woo Sung Jang, So Young Moon, R. Young Chul Kim
10 QoS-Aware Secrecy Rate Improvement in RIS-Aided Wireless Network Thong-Nhat Tran , Kyusung Shim, Minh-Quang Pham,
Sang-Yep Nam and Beongku An
11 Best Practices on Improving Gas Consumption Through Simplifying Quality Complexity of Solidity Code for Smart Contracts in Distributed Network Environments Janghwan Kim, Chan Sol Park, So Young Moon
12 Wrapping-Up Presenter: Kim, Byung-Seo